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The HM Products

Flexibility – The Basis for Success

Unlike in former times today all processes within an enterprise can be represented by IT solutions instead of adopting them to the application software.
This is also valid for laboratory solutions like LIMS. Beyond that such a laboratory software has to represent the whole process chain in order to cope with the pressure of cost and performance.

Technical Leadership – HM Solutions

HM-Software develops laboratory solutions for over 20 years. At any time we have been technically and functionally leading in our industry. The architecture of the software and the technology is based on enabling customers to be highly flexible and efficient with their solution. One major key to success are our customers. In many cases we jointly develop our solutions to fit their individual needs.

The Concept seamless Expandability

HM-Software applications are built on a modular basic system with comprehensive functionality which can be expanded easily by Add-Ons. These are either ready to use or they can be individually developed or configured. This principle allows a fast and flexible adoption to customer’s requirements. All services around Add-Ons are offered by HM-Software.

Cost-Benefit in an ideal Measure

Add-Ons allow the specific use of expandable functionality without the need to develop and implement extensive product enhancements. The cost-benefit ratio is always optimal and transparent for the user – you buy only what you really need.

All HM products are based on standard database technology. This basic layer of the architecture is called “HM-Platform”. It holds the main functionality that is used by all customers. It also ensures that all Add-Ons that you chose for extending your applications will seamlessly integrate into your solution.

With HM-Software you are well suited for all future data management requirements in your laboratory!



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