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Raw Data Management HM-RDM

Manage easily all different data formats in your laboratory

HM-RDM is an efficient data pool for storing, processing and exporting laboratory data.

Today, analysis devices and other sources produce different data formats that have to be collected, managed, processed and documented. Often the data has to be transfered e.g. into your LIMS software. HM-RDM can handle this for you by special interfaces.

In addition with HM-RDM you will be able to manage components and batches which are used in analysises. Collected raw data will be evaluated and computed.

HM-RDM is based on database technology and has a modular structure. The application can be individually customized depending on your needs and requirement.


 All data formats used in your laboratory can be handled:

  • RS232
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Database formats
  • Redirected printer protocols
  • many others

For data export HM-RDM supports all standard formats.



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